Vasayo The Perfect Storm

When then following foundation pillars are all in alignment you have the makings of the Perfect Storm.  Vasayo is poised for global momentum. Ride The Wave!


Company Owners Dallin and Karree Larsen know what it means to struggle, to fail, and to wonder if it’s truly possible to “make it” in life. But most of all, Dallin and Karree know what it takes to overcome those struggles and achieve success in those areas that matter most.

Within the direct sales industry, Dallin has proven himself many times over. He was the central figure in the growth of two ultra-successful, record-breaking companies with multiple billions of dollars in combined sales. During that time, Dallin has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to provide leaders everywhere the opportunity to create their own success.

Now, Dallin and Karree are committed to helping you—and every Vasayo team member—achieve success and significance in all the areas of your life.


Most people know that to truly be healthy, our cells require sufficient levels of a wide spectrum of nutrients. Most also realize that high-quality nutritional supplements can help us receive that level of nutrition.

The problem is that due to inferior ingredients and formulation techniques, most supplements are difficult to break down and allow only a small amount of their nutrients to be absorbed by the body and delivered to the cells.

Enter Liposomes

Dr. Emek Blair has long recognized the ability to greatly enhance a nutrient’s chances of reaching the body’s cells if it were encased in a lipid-based “wrap.”

Over the last 10+ years, Dr. Blair has developed a new, groundbreaking liposomal encapsulation technology that bypasses the challenges faced by standard supplement products.

Liposomes are double-layered spheres or “bubbles” comprised of lipids (fats) that surround and protect the nutrient. They pass through the digestive tract largely unobstructed and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, where they quickly reach the cells that need them. The result is a dramatically higher rate of nutrient absorption and utilization by the body’s cells.

It also means a much-healthier you.


As they say, timing is everything. And the timing for Vasayo simply could not be better—for several reasons.

1. Direct Sales Exploding. Building a home-based business has never been more mainstream or more lucrative. In fact, the number of people involved in home-based direct sales rose more than 11% last year, with more than 20 million Americans participating.

2. Modern Technologies. With the surge in social media and other technologies, sharing from your home offers flexibility and potential like never before.

3. Early Entry. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can take advantage of Vasayo’s powerful Rewards Plan.

4. Leadership and Vision. Finally, Dallin’s proven track record, disruptive product technologies, and vision for Vasayo’s future tie it all together to create the perfect timing.


Vasayo’s innovative Rewards Plan makes sharing their revolutionary products even more satisfying!

As Vasayo Brand Partner you will have the opportunity to create an income stream that can carry far into the future, simply by sharing your favorite products with  the people you love.

And  with 8 compelling and generous ways to earn, you’ll find that it’s easy to start gaining momentum – whether you decide to create a full tie business or part time income.

vasayo the perfect storm


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