Own Your Own Life


Desmond (Des) Morgan is a Network Marketing professional specializing  in Internet and social media marketing under his brand  Own Your Own Life

Des  is a financial planner by profession having spent over 30 years in the financial services industry both in management and running his own agency. 

In 2010 Des read the best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki which alerted him to the existence of the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Profession.

Des had been fortunate to build a comfortable passive income from his life insurance business but realized he was positioned in Robert Kiyosaki’s “S” quadrant i.e. A Solo Act with no team to count on. If he got sick or had an accident his passive income and future lifestyle could be put in jeopardy as it solely relied on his own efforts.

Des immediately feel in love with the Network marketing concept of building a passive income which would come in whether he worked or not and which would provide the freedom he desperately desired. He immediately went to work initially Part Time then full time in 2014.

As a full time Network Marketer Des experienced a roller coaster ride having immediate success followed by the inevitable slump once he ran out of friends and family. After researching and investing in many marketing options including Internet marketing and social media training programs he realized after many mistakes that to be successful he needed 3 critical elements.

1. A System to generate a steady stream of prospects who were interested in what he had to offer and where the timing was right for them to look at the opportunity.

2. Mentors who had actually succeeded in Internet / Network Marketing and their success was well documented

*Warning:* Don’t make the mistake I made buying programs from so called Guru’s who proliferate the Internet and who make their money selling you worthless programs or who only provide you with part of the puzzle and whom in truth have never succeeded in the industry themselves. This mistake cost me thousands of dollars! Get documented proof before you part with your hard earned dollars!

3. A Company with the right products, leadership and well positioned for the momentum stage and who provide the training and support required . A company that embraces the new social media marketing paradigm for cross platform marketing .

Des now has all the pieces in place. He has found that company! His passion for the Network Marketing Industry has never waived and he is excited to pass on what he has learnt to members of his Own Your Own Life team so they too can own their lives and have FREEDOM

Is this your Time Are you Ready?