Vasayo The Perfect Storm

When then following foundation pillars are all in alignment you have the makings of the Perfect Storm.  Vasayo is poised for global momentum. Ride The Wave!


Company Owners Dallin and Karree Larsen know what it means to struggle, to fail, and to wonder if it’s truly possible to “make it” in life. But most of all, Dallin and Karree know what it takes to overcome those struggles and achieve success in those areas that matter most.

Within the direct sales industry, Dallin has proven himself many times over. He was the central figure in the growth of two ultra-successful, record-breaking companies with multiple billions of dollars in combined sales. During that time, Dallin has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to provide leaders everywhere the opportunity to create their own success.

Now, Dallin and Karree are committed to helping you—and every Vasayo team member—achieve success and significance in all the areas of your life.


Most people know that to truly be healthy, our cells require sufficient levels of a wide spectrum of nutrients. Most also realize that high-quality nutritional supplements can help us receive that level of nutrition.

The problem is that due to inferior ingredients and formulation techniques, most supplements are difficult to break down and allow only a small amount of their nutrients to be absorbed by the body and delivered to the cells.

Enter Liposomes

Dr. Emek Blair has long recognized the ability to greatly enhance a nutrient’s chances of reaching the body’s cells if it were encased in a lipid-based “wrap.”

Over the last 10+ years, Dr. Blair has developed a new, groundbreaking liposomal encapsulation technology that bypasses the challenges faced by standard supplement products.

Liposomes are double-layered spheres or “bubbles” comprised of lipids (fats) that surround and protect the nutrient. They pass through the digestive tract largely unobstructed and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, where they quickly reach the cells that need them. The result is a dramatically higher rate of nutrient absorption and utilization by the body’s cells.

It also means a much-healthier you.


As they say, timing is everything. And the timing for Vasayo simply could not be better—for several reasons.

1. Direct Sales Exploding. Building a home-based business has never been more mainstream or more lucrative. In fact, the number of people involved in home-based direct sales rose more than 11% last year, with more than 20 million Americans participating.

2. Modern Technologies. With the surge in social media and other technologies, sharing from your home offers flexibility and potential like never before.

3. Early Entry. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can take advantage of Vasayo’s powerful Rewards Plan.

4. Leadership and Vision. Finally, Dallin’s proven track record, disruptive product technologies, and vision for Vasayo’s future tie it all together to create the perfect timing.


Vasayo’s innovative Rewards Plan makes sharing their revolutionary products even more satisfying!

As Vasayo Brand Partner you will have the opportunity to create an income stream that can carry far into the future, simply by sharing your favorite products with  the people you love.

And  with 8 compelling and generous ways to earn, you’ll find that it’s easy to start gaining momentum – whether you decide to create a full tie business or part time income.

vasayo the perfect storm


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Not All Supplements Are Created Equal.

Are You Getting The Most From Your Vitamins?
Not all supplements are created equal.

Not all supplements are created equal. It’s a commonly accepted fact that a well-balanced diet is important to keeping healthy. But for many of us, eating healthy is more easily said than done. Multivitamins may seem like an attractive option for those who struggle to meet dietary needs, but what purpose do they really serve, and how effective are they at doing it? If your diet is a little lacking, but you think your supplements might not be cutting it, then this may be worth a read.

Micronutrients vs. Macronutrients

The science of nutrition has two major categories for the things your body needs to function: macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are the things our bodies need in large quantities: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Micronutrients are the various substances that grease the wheels: vitamins, minerals, and other things that constitute the reasons mom always told you to eat your greens.

You need a comparatively minor amount of micronutrients, but though you only need a little, a lot can go wrong when you don’t have them. Pirates suffering from scurvy are the famous example: sailors didn’t have access to fresh fruits (much like modern-day Alaskans) and often became vitamin C deficient because of it. That led to a very specific condition, one that sometimes was fatal. Now, we’re not saying that if you don’t eat broccoli with your lunch today that you’ll wind up in the hospital, but a lack of micronutrients will impact your health negatively.

The Problem With Most Supplements

If you’re having a hard time getting all those micronutrients into your diet, (it happens to the best of us), you may be considering taking a vitamin supplement to help you bridge the gap. But before you grab the first bottle you see in the pharmacy section of your local supermarket, be sure to do a little research. Much like food and medicine, not all supplements are created equal.

One of the biggest problems is the digestive tract. The harsh environment where supplements are processed can sometimes be destructive, potentially robbing from your supplement much of its nutritional value. By the time it’s absorbed by the body, a significant portion of the micronutrients may have already been rendered worthless. Without a way to protect it and help the body absorb it, you may be getting far less from your multivitamins than you think.

The Liposome Alternative

Recent developments in technology have provided an alternative when it comes to vitamin delivery systems. It’s called “Liposomes,” a word that is derived from two Latin routes: “lipo,” meaning “fat” and “soma” meaning “body.” Using new methodology, vitamins and other essential micronutrients can be encapsulated in a layer of fat, which can both aid in absorption and protect it against damage in the digestive tract. In other words, it can help your body absorb more beneficial vitamins more efficiently than might otherwise be possible without the liposomes.

Liposomes have been around for a while, but the processes used in producing them has advanced significantly in the last ten years, making them a more viable option for micronutrient delivery. Liposomes offer a promising replacement for those of us struggling to get the bang for our buck out of ordinary vitamin supplements. For those worried about their nutrition, it’s a revolutionary option.

A Supplier You Can Trust

The MicroLife line of products, from Vasayo, are all liposome-encapsulated micro-nutritional products designed to improve your health and well-being. Using our Advanced Delivery Technology, a proprietary liposomal technology, Vasayo’s MicroLife line can help you in the pursuit of increased energy, improved sleep, and enhanced cognitive function, among others.

Click HERE  to order online today and to learn more about how MicroLife products can help you live a healthier life.

The content herein is provided for general information purposes only. Thus it should not be used to substitute any medical advice from a health professional. It should also not substitute any diagnosis or treatment. Persons with health concerns or who are taking medications should consult with their healthcare provider prior to using Vasayo products. Vasayo products are not intended for persons under 18, or pregnant or nursing women.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vasayo products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not All Nutritionals Are Created Equal

In today’s world, supplementation is a must. With food nearly void of the nutrients you need to function at your best, it’s important that when you do supplement that it’s in a form that your body can actually absorb.

However Not All Nutritionals Are Created Equal

Enter liposomes. Liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” or spheres comprised of lipids that work wonders when it comes to the advanced delivery and absorption of nutrients

What Are Liposomes and Why Do They Matter?

Derived from the Greek words “Lipos,” meaning fat, and “Soma,” meaning body, a liposome is a microscopic pocket of fat. The walls consist of layers of phospholipids, just like the other cell membranes in our bodies. Scientists have discovered that liposomes are an effective method for delivering nutrients and other substances to the body, by essentially encapsulating the nutrients in tiny fat bubbles (liposomes).

How Do Liposomes Work?

The insulating layer of fat acts as a barrier to damaging aspects of the digestive system and allows the nutrients to reach their targets intact, resulting in a higher rate of absorption by the body’s cells. This groundbreaking advancement has many possible applications in helping to address a wide variety of nutritional needs.

The high recyclability factor of liposomes is another reason they are superior to some alternative supplements available on the market.

A Superior Nutrient Delivery System

Liposomes are not new; in fact, they were first discovered in 1961 by Dr. Alec Bangham in Cambridge. The use of liposomes to carry essential substances to cells is also not new, but they are typically made with extreme heat and high pressure, which is not optimal.

But over the last 10 years, a method of producing liposomes that doesn’t use heat, pressure, or chemicals has been discovered…one that results in vastly improved absorption levels.

Introducing MicroLife by Vasayo

Not All Nutritionals Are Created Equal

Utilizing this advanced technology, Vasayo brings its premium line of liposomal-based nutritional products (MicroLife Nutritionals) to you. Leveraging Advanced Delivery Technology for better absorption,  Vasayo products maximize benefits and minimize waste for a healthier, happier you.*

For more information on Vasayo and Liposomes go to

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vasayo products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The content herein is provided for general information purposes only. Thus it should not be used to substitute any medical advice from a health professional. It should also not substitute any diagnosis or treatment. Persons with health concerns or who are taking medications should consult with their healthcare provider prior to using Vasayo products. Vasayo products are not intended for persons under 18, or pregnant or nursing women.

Eighth Wonder Of The World

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”  ― Albert Einstein

A Lesson in compounded growth. A penny doubled every day for 30 Days

Eighth Wonder Of The World

A Penny Doubled Every Day for 30 Days = $10.7M

Network Marketing  Structure Similarities

Network Marketing works in a similar way in that you work hard promoting the product and enrolling new Distributors for very little return initially (and that is while most people Quit) whereas  if you understand the power of Geometric Progression and compounding and have vision and a very strong WHY to  hang in there for the long term the 8th Wonder Of the World can only work in your favour.

Most Network Marketing companies pay you on the many generations of Distributors in your group. Not just who you enrol but  also who they enrol.

This is what causes the compounding effect and which could build you a sizeable passive income not just for you but your offspring.

Billionaire Oil Baron; Jean Paul Getty.

Eighth Wonder Of The World

Why Network Marketing

Own Your Own Life

You can’t run away from the facts. Network Marketing is booming. Become a member of the Own Your Own Life Global Team and get in on the ground floor of this cutting edge science backed company and Ride The Wave

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5 Pillars of a Legacy Company

Why Vasayo

Backed by science and utilizing the latest technology Vasayo help solve common problems with extraordinary solutions focused on their proprietary delivery system. All the boxes are ticked and Vasayo has the 5 pillars of a Legacy Company in place.

Pillar #I World Class Leadership

When people look to become part of something meaningful, they want a track record of success. They want established. They want proven. Dallin Larsen more than fits the bill, having previously built two ultra-successful companies and having been honored as the 2009 Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as CEO of the Year in the State of Utah.

Pillar #2 Disruptive Products

A product with quality ingredients and an ineffective delivery system is a waste of money. Conversely, a product with poor quality ingredients and an effective delivery system can be counterproductive, or even dangerous.

Vasayo products feature Advanced Delivery Technology to offer you quality ingredients PLUS an exceptional delivery system…because you don’t want one without the other!

Pillar #3 The Right Timing

Vasayo enters the marketplace at a time when building a home-based business has never been more mainstream or more lucrative. And with the surge in social media and other technologies, a direct seller’s reach and influence grows by the day. While most other companies are trying to pivot and adjust their model to the changing times, Vasayo has been strategically designed from its inception to learn from the past and leverage the present so that we can take advantage of the future.

Pillar #4 Generous Rewards

 innovative Rewards Plan that makes sharing Vasayo product even more satisfying

Pillar #5 Worthwhile Cause

Hearts and Hands around the World – 

Vasayo announced its partnership with Hearts and Hands for Humanity on May 30, 2017, to provide clean water to people and communities in Africa.






Went For A Job Interview Yesterday

Network Marketing Explained

Went For A Job Interview Yesterday Went  for a job interview yesterday. When the boss asked what I wanted for compensation I replied

  1.  I would like commission on everything I sell, & I want to see that percentage get far higher as I improve.
  2. I would also like the opportunity to receive free trips, bonuses paid in full, a late model car and free marketing materials based on my performance.
  3.  I expect you to provide me with my own website and provide free online training and regional training all over the world
  4.  When I bring in any new sales people, I deserve a bonus and to be compensated a percentage of their sales and the sales of any new people they bring in.
  5.  I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company
  6.  When I do well, I expect lots of praise, recognition, and more bonuses. Did I mention all expense paid trips for me and my spouse?
  7.  I would like my friends and family to have the opportunity to work here.
  8. By the way, I need to set my own schedule, and only work when it suits me and my family
  9. So when can I start?

After the owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter “You must be sick in the head, or dreaming You will NEVER find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE and if you do, come back and get me, cause I want to work there too”

So I gave him my website

How is your job treating you?